King of the Mountain is a mail-in modified car competition held throughout the year. Cars compete head to head to see who has what it takes to be the king of the mountain.

This competition is now CLOSED. We are no longer accepting cars.

2020 Season Rules

Vehicle Rules

Vehicle Type

Cars & Trucks must be licensed models (Cars that exist in real life - Chevy, Ford, Toyota etc.) or models that look like real vehicles. (e.g. Original Rodger Dodger, Audacious, Bone Shaker etc.) If you’re not sure, ask. 

Vehicle Size

  • Vehicle Scale: 1/64 (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica, Johnny Lightning etc.)

  • Max Width: 32mm. Must fit on hot wheels orange track. The sides of the car should not touch or extend beyond the sides of the track.

  • Max Length: 82mm

Vehicle Weight

  • Minimum: 65g

  • Maximum: 115g

  • Added weight must be concealed inside of the vehicle and should not be visible.

Outer Vehicle Accessories

  • Accessories added to the outside of your vehicle like spoilers, engine blocks, decorations etc. are allowed. Accessories must stay within the vehicle size limits

  • No Sharp Edges anywhere on the car.

  • No Tape or visible glue on the outside of the cars.


  • Both wet & dry lubes are allowed.

  • If you use wet lubes, please be sure to wear it in good by spinning the wheels, and wipe off the excess fluid. Run it down your track first before sending it in, to make sure nothing is dripping.

Paint Job & Finish

  • Custom paint job is NOT required. 

  • If you’re painting skills aren’t great leave the original paint. These cars are going to be used in a video and we want them to look good. If a car’s appearance is not up to par, the track officials may pull it from the race.

  • Please don't put anything inappropriate on your car or anything that may stir up controversy or political debate. Let's keep the focus on the racing.

Entry Rules


Must be 13 or older to participate


Entry Limit: 2 cars per person

Cars must be accompanied by an entry form. (Link below)

Entry deadline: June 5th, 2020 | NOW CLOSED

Car Returns

If you would like your cars mailed back when they're done racing, contact me after both cars have raced and we'll arrange for you to pay for the return shipping via PayPal.

2020 Car Entry List

DNQ = Did Not Qualify. That means the car could not make it all the way down the track after several attempts.

NOTE: If you see your name on the list without any other information, it means your package has been received, but we haven't opened it yet to enter in the information for your cars. Please be patient, it may be a while before we're able to qualify everybody's car.




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