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King of the Mountain is a mail-in modified car competition held throughout the year. Cars compete to see who has what it takes to be the king of the mountain.


KotM Season 4

  • Limit 2 cars per household

  • Cars will NOT be sent back

  • Cars must be received by December 9th, 2022

  • Please include an entry form with your cars.

  • Mailing address is on the entry form.

Car Rules & Specifications

Make / Model

  • Car model must be based on a real car made from 1980 - 1989 (the real car's year, not the diecast mfg. date)

  • Cars only. No trucks or vans.


Car Size

  • 1/64 scale

  • Must fit on Hot Wheels orange track.



  • 40-60g



  • Plastic wheels only.

  • No off-road style wheels.


Car Exterior

  • Cars MUST have a custom paint job. 

  • Paint job should look clean like a car you would buy from the store. (Sloppy painted cars will not be raced)

  • No added weight on the outside of the car.

  • No political decals.



  • Windows and windshield must be transparent. (Gray tint is okay)

  • No blacking out windows.



  • The car’s interior can be modified, but the front seats and dashboard must remain.

  • Added weight should not be visible when looking through the windows.

Entry Form