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Challenger Race Schedule

Group 33

gSax (bSax) | Lil' Destructor | MBX '57 Chevy Bel Air | 127.1g

Amir Khan | Under Control | Country Muscle | 81.2g

Mike (KFR) | Heavy Busser | Hot Wheels High | 82.1g

CoolCaleb63 (TC84) | Bus of Doom | Maisto bus | 70.1g

Group 34

Dallas | Mighty Mouse | Honda CRX | 83.8g

Nick Deavers | Godzilla | Nissan GT-R R35 | 130.3g

B.C.B. (Diecaster Disaster) | Zed-X | 2009 Nissan 370z | 123.6g

Chris Smith | Jesse's Ghost | VW Jetta Mark 3 | 130g

Group 35

JJK Racing | King 2.0 | Plymouth Superbird / Zoom In | 259.8g

Chief Titan | Big Boy V2 | Zoom In | 257g

Andonios | Rocket Damage | Zoom-In | 112g

Thunder!! | War Machine | MBX / Zoom In | 282g

Group 36

Max House | Laser Blaster | Dodge XP-07 | 30.3g

Lil' J Dub (Jx4) | Sparkly Carlo | Monte Carlo Stocker | 93.6g

Terry Hill (James K) | 2008 Lancer Evolution | 202.4g

AtoZ Racer (3DBM) | MagVan | Custom Zoom In Van | 175.5g

King of the Mountain is a mail in custom car competition held throughout the year. Cars compete head to head to see who has what it takes to be the king of the mountain. If a car becomes king, it will be entered into the end of year finals.


Rules and info on how to join are at the bottom of this page.

Top Cars of 2019

Mach Daddy | League of Speed

4 wins

Too Fast/Furious | Brian (James Kleman)

4 wins

2020 Season Rules

Custom Car Rules

Max Width: 35mm (Must fit on Hot Wheels Orange Track)   

Max length: 80mm

Min Weight: 80g.     

Max Weight 200g

  • Cars must be 1:64 scale

  • No weight outside the car body

  • Truck beds can have weight but it must be covered

  • No exposed lead anywhere on the car

  • Accessories added to the outside of your vehicle like spoilers, engine blocks, decorations etc. are allowed.

  • No sharp corners or edges

Custom car bodies are allowed, but it must look like an actual car. 

Food Trucks must follow the same set of rules. In addition, food trucks must have a side vending window where people would buy the food. (Like a typical food truck)

Entry Rules


Must be 13 or older


You can send in up to 2 cars and 1 food truck per season.

Cars must be accompanied by an entry form. (Link below)

Entry deadline: September 4th, 2020

Car Returns:

If you would like your cars mailed back when they're done racing, check the box on the entry form and include $8 cash for return shipping (US residents only). Cars will be mailed back in a small Priority flat rate box.

If one of your cars becomes King, you will have to wait until the end of the year to have your cars shipped back.

Entry Form

Please print and fill out an entry form for each car you send in.


Please do NOT send in any cars at this time. 

Race Mountain will be undergoing some construction during the off season (Jan-Feb 2020) These changes may impact the way cars race and require some changes to the rules.

Mailing Address

Adriel Johnson

PO Box 108

Livingston, CA 95334