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Nov 4


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How do you do turns do you just turn it side ways r is it a special piece ?




They are 3D prints you can find the details here https://www.thingiverse.com/3DBotMaker/likes

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  • I just bought 5 pieces of black coroplast from Amazon and the flutes go across the SHORT width of the piece, not the long axis. What that means is that instead of getting 3 long pieces of track per board, you get 4-5 short pieces, which will require many more connectors, tape and assembly. I'm going to use these current pieces to construct a 90-deg turn, but am still going to look for longer black pieces that have the flutes going down the LONG axis. Make sure you email or call your suppliers before ordering.
  • We have been using coreflute (real estate signs) to make wide laned Hot Wheels tracks for many years. The material (coreflute) is very fast and low friction (ideal for Hotwheels), and can be made easily into wide track by slicing the plastic to make sidewalls, and taping the walls to bend upwards. Ugly but ideal for temporary outdoors tracks. I think these two videos demonstrate it best.
  • Really just want to see someone get a piece of coroplast, measure and cut based on the mag connectors, fold and attach the connectors to make a single section of finished mag track. Also would like to see someone adding the magnets, etc. Bonus points for attaching the track to another piece of track with the magnets, and attaching the 3d printed start gate. All my materials are on order (no solution for my 90-deg turn yet) and I would prefer not wasting money on making construction errors, so I can build the best track as possible. Hope one of you experienced fellas can provide this service for the community. Maybe @3DBotMaker making a quick, but visually detailed video for his channel?