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May 27

Ideas for future tournaments & events.


Share your ideas for future tournaments and events that you'd like to see.

I know you have a mustang tournament but a Camaro tournament would be cool too or maybe a one time Bat-mobile Race.

How many different Hot Wheels Bat-mobiles are there? It would be pretty awesome to race different variations.

May 29

@3DBotMaker there’s about 12 I know of minus the Bat pod and the Bat

Yes, I've thought about a van tournament. I think that will be a lot of fun to watch.

Let’s not forget a track connector tournament

lol. I believe that's already been done.

@3DBotMaker If not a Bat-mobile tournament maybe a Super hero car tournament. Plenty of those car warming the pegs.

How about an Emergency Tournament for fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks and police car. I think it would be a good opportunity for Matchbox cars to participate.

A pre-2000s race might be fun, those Hot Ones are both heavy and fast to this day

A character car tournament would be fun to do.

How about this. Let's try a movie car tournament. Both real cars and fake. For example, let's say R1H1 has the Aston Martin DB5, the Incredibile from the Incredibles, the Batmobile, a Deleorean Time Machine, a 1970 Dodge Charger, and Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.

a tournament with cars with models that are 30 years on back. like an old fashion one.

I have another idea. This time. For an event. During the final, there could be an elimination race to the finish. In other words, there are 3 laps with four racers. After each lap, the racer in last place is eliminated. This continues throughout the entire event. You win by being in first place during the final lap.

Okay! I got another idea! I know we did the FTE tourney, but what about a complete Fantasy car tournament? Hot Wheels originals ONLY. That means Bone Shakers, Twin Mills, Synkro, Blvd. Bruiser, you name them.

How about a racecar tournament? What I mean is get a certain number of cars and have them numbered in order.

I know we have the underground racing. But why not send in our non-custom fast cars? See who has the fastest car.

thinking back to the truck tournament a few months ago, maybe take some real trucks (as in semi trucks from the truckin' transporter series) they just about meet the maximum width of 40mm but instead of racing 6 at a time maybe just 4. if that doesn't work, then maybe the trackin' trucks will work better

With as many castings Mattel has put out the past few years, a Skyline tournament would be easy to pull off.

How about have a manufacturers tournament 1 tournament each for Chrysler, GM, & Ford then put the top 3 winners from each tournament in the manufactures championship

Kinda A simple idea But what about Cops vs Robbers ? One robber and two cop cars or two robbers and one cop car. it can be apart of the underground racing.

How about a character car tournament? Like using Star Wars cars, Superhero cars, Spongebob cars and the new and old Mario Kart cars!

What about a Mustang tournament? I have at least half a dozen I can send.

Mustang tournament is up next after the Porsches. We've already got a full roster of Mustangs.

New Posts
  • You should make a forum page as an alternative its not practical but its better than nothing i guess. make a drag racing division with just funny cars and make the entrance of the first turn the finish. mark the finish with a blue line so it doesn't confuse with the other leagues
  • Existing timed drag track ( Racing) here: https://imgur.com/a/v2EJ1T4 I created this 2-lane drag strip 2 years ago for a birthday party and it still gets heavy use every single week. I'm inspired by our Hot Wheels monster truck downhill transport and Open Track and want to move to a more wide-open setup. No turns just yet, just a wide drag with bottleneck finish and perhaps a criss-cross-crash finish in the future. The existing drag track is simply MDF baseboard with pin hinges for the hill and extra sections. Velcro dots for consistent re-assembly. It helps with storage but it really never gets stored. At times we add a loop and/or the new HWid gate at the finish. The timing system is based on Bill V's derby timers with a plexiglass hinge tilt start/reset. Rechargeable battery for the IR leds with arduino control. Currently trying a new opensource timing system with wifi kiosk modes for extra fun and video replays. I really want to use the 3d printed start with my esp8266 modules, but cant find much documentation on the relays and controls for the start. I'd like to keep the timing, and convert it to a wider open track setup with actuated start. I'm thinking of just doubling the width of the existing MDF and 3d printing the magnetic joints and start gate to incorporate the coroplast. Also wondering if anyone has mounted timing under the coroplast. I'm using the over-kill photo diodes, of course. We also customize our own cars. Great little community here, thanks 3DBotmaker.