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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different racing series?

Tournament Stock Series

This series features stock cars. By stock we mean they have not been modified for speed. Cars are usually grouped by theme or manufacturer and race in a 16 vehicle bracket style tournament.

Diecast Rally Championship / DRC

The DRC is our rally car series. 8 vehicles compete head to head throughout 4 rounds. The DRC is also a stock car series.

King of the Mountain

KotM is a modified competition where builders from around the world send in their cars to compete. Cars are modified based for speed and must be within certain rules and specifications. Entry for this competition is now closed.

How do I become a driver and have my name used in the tournament series or DRC?


At the beginning of each event we have a contest in the 3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League Facebook Group where you pick who you think will win. If the car you pick wins, you’ll have a chance to be a driver in the next event.

Can I send in stock cars for the Tournament Series or the DRC?


We are not taking any new cars at this time. You're welcome to send in cars as a gift, but there's no guarantee that it will get used in a show.

How can I support the channel?

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